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Hi Ya!

Real Name: Kodero
Prefered Name: Kay
Age: 19
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Height: 5'11
Gender: Male
Location: USA
Siblings: 3!

Likes: Pie, Eating pie, Serving pie (as in being it's servant ^^), randomly exploding, testing the laws of physics and nature (such as jumping off a bridge to prove Gravity doesn't exist...gravity won), anime, manga, drawing, music, vanishing into thin air.
Dislikes: Bad moods, people who say: "pwn3d", "sw33t", and "thats teh pwn", all who defy pie.
Fav music: Japanese please :3
Fav movie type: Comedy, bitches! ^^
Hobbies: Drawing, laughing, writing...everything in my likes section! '_'
Do you duel?: Yeppers! ^^
Fav cards: Tough one...I guess Dark Magician Girl, Red Eyes, Blue Eyes (don't really use those though...just like 'em), Cyber Dragon, XYZ Dragon Cannon, B.E.S. series, Flame Wingman, Thunder Giant, Cyber End Dragon (@_@ must have it...), fusion based cards, Rocket Warrior, Jinzo, Lord Of The Red, Black Flare Dragon of Horrus, Blue Eyes Shining Dragon (never used it once though :p), and machines in general...and the list goes on, but thats just a few of my favorites ^^. Well theres also all the cards I made myself, but of coarse your gonna like your own cards. -_-
Your deck type: I have two main decks I use. One is a Mechanical Fury deck that uses Machines (obviously) to destroy the opponents forces, with a splash of Faerie and Union thrown in for a devastation dealer combo I have! The other uses tricks, and unexpected surprises to weaken the opponent before bringing out the Finishers: Jinzo and invader of Darkness.
Pick 3 posative things about you as a person: I'm Happy, fun, and loyal.
Pick 3 negative things about you as a person: I'm impatient, vengeful, and quick to untimely Wrath!
Loner or a people person: People!...that can cause problems with the whole Wrath thing...
User or Used: Neither!

Free afternoon what would you be doing? lounging around relaxing from my somewhat busy (or irritating sometimes) life! ^^ I'm so lazy!
What's the most important thing to you? Friends. '_'
On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate yourself as a friend?: a 10 unless you betray my trust, in which case that becomes a 0!

Anything else?:...Long live pie!
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