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Real Name: Karen
Prefered Name: Karen, or a variation to ‘Raven’
Age: 15
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Height: 5”3
Gender: Female
Location: Scotland
Siblings: One little brother

Likes: Computers/laptops, reading, writing, coffee, duelling, Computing Studies, English, role playing, Internet, sarcasm, strikethrough
Dislikes: Hypocrites, the ignorant, the arrogant, losing, being out done, the cripplingly incompetent, people who don’t know when to quit, neds, patronization, petty behaviour, racists, homophobes, Bible bashers.
Fav music: Gothic, metal, emo/screamo
Fav movie type: Horror, psychological
Hobbies: Writing, role playing, duelling.
Do you duel?: Stupid question
Fav cards: Hyozanryu and Blue Eyes White Dragon
Your deck type: Dragon/Crush
Pick 3 positive things about you as a person: Relatively smart, sarcastic, trustworthy, loyal.
Pick 3 negative things about you as a person: Can come off as a ‘know-it-all’, moody, twisted
Loner or a people person: Does talking to people over IM count as a loner, if I’m stuck in my room all day? Internet Communication generally preferred
User or Used: Used and learned.

Free afternoon what would you be doing? Glued to laptop or studying.
What's the most important thing to you? My little brother, laptop/computer, as it let’s me keep in touch with most of my friends and I’d die without it.
On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate yourself as a friend?: I’m not my own friend; I can’t judge myself.

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