Tiana (genkishoujo) wrote in ygo_ratings,

Yugi boy

Real Name:  Tiana Stirewalt
Prefered Name: Tia or Sven
Age:  17
Zodiac sign: Chinese is Dragon, Western is Saggi/Capricorn
Height: 5'6''
Gender: female (don't let that affect the character I am)
Location: Virginia
Siblings: None

Likes: Dueling, Anime, Classic Rock, Punk Rock, Grunge Rock, Heavy Metal, drawing, martial arts, cars, and motorcycles
Dislikes: People who whine, posers, and preppy music.
Fav music: ...Read above..xD
Fav movie type:  Action/Adventure like Indiana Jones, or the Mummy ...or the Matrix ..o_o well that isn't really adventure...
Hobbies: Drawing, Dueling, mountain biking...hiking,...
Do you duel?: Yeah
Fav cards:  Red Eyes black Dragon, Black Luster Solider...
Your deck type:  Beatdown with enough trap and magic to balance things out nicely.
Pick 3 posative things about you as a person: I am strong willed, open, and talented
Pick 3 negative things about you as a person: I tend to be a smart ass, irrational, and impulsive
Loner or a people person: I like people, but sometimes being alone is just as nice.
User or Used:  Used...x.x;

Free afternoon what would you be doing? Taking a ride, hiking, laying back on the hills watching the clouds...
What's the most important thing to you? My friends
On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate yourself as a friend?: 8

Anything else?: I have brown hair to my shoulders and blue eyes .....and I am good at lanugages, German mostly.
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