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Real Name: Emily
Prefered Name: Edward, Kitten, Kitsune, Emmy-chan ("Hey you!" works too :) )
Age: 18
Zodiac sign: Gemini/Cancer (They always change it.... )
Height: 5' 1" on my driver's license :D
Gender: Female
Location: Alabama
Siblings: One Sister (older by 4 1/2 years) One Step Sister (older by 1 year)

Likes: Drawing, Reading, Writing, Anime, hanging with friends, Math, Chemistry, Kingdom Hearts, Fullmetal Alchemist, Card games, and playing video games, etc.

Dislikes: idiotic and annoying fangirls/boys (you know who you are), stupid people, Stuck-up professors, poorly written fanfics, CHAT SPEAK (except stuff like lol or wtf, why abbreviate everything? I don't understand what you are trying to tell me!), People who hate on things just because everyone else is and really have NO IDEA about the real issues at hand

Fav music: J-pop, Rock, Orchestral, Musical Scores
Fav movie type: Romantic Comedy
Hobbies: Drawing, Playing Trumpet/Piano/Guitar, playing video games, Role-playing, hanging with friends
Do you duel?: Yes
Fav cards: Dark Magician, Change of Heart (It's very pretty!), Pretty much anything to do with "Dark" and/or "Magician"
Your deck type: Dark Magic
Pick 3 positive things about you as a person: Friendly, laid-back, cheerful
Pick 3 negative things about you as a person: Insecure, hard-headed, forgetful
Loner or a people person: People person :)
User or Used: Depends on my mood. XD

Free afternoon what would you be doing? Hanging with friends singing old theme songs, talking DnD/Yugioh/Any other anime I found on the internet, reading/drawing/writing if alone, Playing video games, Practicing Trumpet/Piano/Guitar
What's the most important thing to you? Love and Friendship
On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate yourself as a friend?: 8 I'm forget alot of things and keep all my problems to myself.... :(

Anything else? *bows* Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Picture time!
Me at my Band Banquet (Theme was New York, I was the Gangster's Girl XD)

Me with Bubblewrap XD This is right after Graduation at my party

Me with Vic Mignogna *fangirl squeal* 2006, I think....
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